Each version of our combat rations has at least 4 vegetarian menus. One of our environmental goals is to have 50% vegetarian main meals. We are able to produce vegan meals as well on demand, but vegan meals are not part of our standard range of combat rations.  

Many of our end user are gluten intolerant and by that reason we offer 4 standard gluten free versions. Many of our meals are gluten free, if your unsure of gluten content in our meals just send us an email or call.

In many areas of the world the population is more or less lactose intolerant, for this reason it is important for us to offer various lactose versions of our combat rations. Our standard range consists of 4 menus of each version.

Halal versions of our combat rations are not our most usual kind of order from our customers, but that does not mean that we´re not able and happy to produce them. We offer 4 versions of our combat ration as halal suitable options and we pack them on demand.  

Sometimes your operations don´t fill a standard form for military activities. By that reason you might need to adapt your rations to your line duty and we´re always pleased to help you with just that. All military units have their challenges, sometimes our standard rations are to calorie rich and need to be remodeled to fit your needs in order to reduce waste. In some cases, we need to adjust the menus to fit the need for units who are on constant move and can´t stop to heat meals and the ration needs to be a more “on the go” type of ration. No matter what your needs are we are more than happy to help you with your special rations, no demands are odd to us.