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Outmeals aims to become Europe’s leading supplier of combat rations and meals adapted for field use, and today delivers great products to several defense forces across Europe.

Our products will never be the cheapest but we want them to be the most affordable on the market. By this we mean that you, as our customers, should get a product that is actually used. Often when it comes to combat portions, an enormous amount of the content is thrown away due to a lack of quality, which is often unfortunately related to the fact that the components are cheap and do not meet the requirements for taste, quality and meal experience set by our end users, who are often soldiers. Our philosophy on this is that the combat portion in which all the contents are eaten and consumed by the soldiers is the most affordable and our aim when we develop our components is that these should be eaten.

All the components we have in our military concepts are tested by soldiers and live up to set NATO standards. Products delivered to our civilian customers are often also tested by soldiers but we always offer our customers to test the products before purchase.

Outmeals is ISO 9001 (quality) and 14001 (environment) certified since 2020 and works according to implemented procedures. In addition to this, we are also FSSC 22 000 certified, this certification includes ISO 22 000 (food safety) and FSSC’s additional requirements for measures on food fraud and food defense, which we think is a matter of course for a serious player in our industry with the current world situation.

The purpose of our quality work is that you as a customer should feel safe throughout your purchase and that we can build a good long-term relationship with each other.

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