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Sustainability & environment

Like many other companies, these issues are of course important to us.

A large number of our products come from far away, we have very little production in Sweden and much of our packaging material is in plastic and/or aluminum. That said, we can never have an environmentally sustainable product, but we do what we can! In recent years, we have worked actively to move our production closer to Sweden, and some of our producers also use locally grown or locally produced raw materials.

Since 2020, we are ISO 14001 certified, which is an internationally recognized standard for environmental management. With this comes a number of requirements, such as how we handle chemicals, waste, choose an electricity supplier, etc. In addition to this, we set environmental targets for our operations, one example being that from 2020 we have gone from our company vehicles using 100% fossil fuels to having a vehicle fleet that is 80% electrically powered.

For us, sustainability is also social sustainability. On the website, you can read about our requirements towards suppliers in our Code of Conduct. When we start working with an overseas supplier, we also follow up to ensure that everyone in the production chain is treated in a fair way that we can support.

At home, we believe it is important to contribute to a society where everyone has a place and a rich and rewarding life. Part of our production therefore takes place at Varberg, Falkenberg and Halmstad municipality’s daily activities where we employ about 80 people who would otherwise have had difficulty entering the labor market, which we are extremely proud of!

Every year we also share our profits with the Yellow Ribbon, an organization that supports Swedish veterans after their service abroad. Many of the officials in Outmeals have a military background and for this reason we think it is particularly important to support our former colleagues as much as we can.

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