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Frequently asked questions & answers

No unfortunately not, our company is specialized in organizations, authorities and similar. our products are available from our friends at Preppbox and Outdoor Expert.

Yes, sometimes. However, we try to focus our activities on charities and initiatives for children and young people. Sponsorship requests should be directed to

In the request, we want a clear description of what you want to sponsor, who you are, the target group and what social benefit this provides.

This is not because we do not want to do it, but because we cannot. The war in Ukraine has forced us to focus entirely on supplying defense forces and public organizations with our products. Our producers simply cannot produce enough to meet everyone’s needs.

Send an email to our CEO Pelle at
. We are always looking for interesting products that can fit into one of our concepts. However, be aware that we have strict requirements on shelf life, food safety and ethical aspects of production.

We are members of the UN Global Compact and work towards the UN Global Goals. All our suppliers and producers are required to sign our Code of Conduct (see
Code of conduct
) before we start our cooperation. In addition, we continuously monitor these to ensure compliance with our code of conduct.

This is not because we don’t want to, but because we lack the skills and capacity for our type of products, which need to be stored at room temperature and have a long shelf life. However, we are working actively to increase the proportion of Swedish products or products produced in Sweden’s immediate vicinity.

We try to keep our product catalog as up to date and popular as possible, and regularly survey our end-users to find out what they think of our products. Unfortunately, not everyone likes everything in the combat portions, but the products should be of such a high quality that you can exchange them with a friend, for example.

We understand the problem, but these soft drinks are the best in the world and set the bar for the rest of the market.

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