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From the logistics base, all the way to the shelter

Wherever you are, we help you keep a high combat value

You can fight without logistics and food, but you can’t fight for very long. As former officers, we know what good, tasty and nutritious food can do for a military unit – and what damage the reverse can do. Whether you are a soldier in an army, a logistics officer or any other staff member somewhere along the chain, we want to make it as good and easy as possible for you.

Combat portions

Packaged according to needs, requirements and the operational environment in which you operate.

Sustainable food

Rotatable meals adapted to field and commercial kitchens that work in crisis, war and normal conditions.

Emergency food & meals with extreme sustainability

When none of our other solutions work and you need something effective and long-lasting.

Insure yourself against an empty stomach when the crisis hits

As a private individual, you can buy our products online at

We are Outmeals

And with our background in the Armed Forces, we know what is required in stressful situations and what works when it counts.

you know that...

Did you know that...

...according to the Total Defense Bill 2023/25, all parts of society responsible for citizens' meals should normally have this food supply preparedness.
EU pallets
this is the equivalent of food in a municipality of 50,000 inhabitants from our 'Freeze-dried food' system for all citizens in the municipality.
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The reasons to
choose Outmeals are many


Outmeal's meals are tried and tested and have been used for a long time by various armed forces during exercises, international operations and wars.


All our menus and meal solutions comply with STANAG 2937 regarding packaging and nutritional content.


All components of our combat rations and other meal systems are tested and approved by soldiers.

Good & nutritious food

Our meals are not only delicious, they are also based on the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR).

A responsible choice

For us at OutMeals, it is important to take social responsibility and make environmentally conscious choices, for us and for our producers.

Adapted special diet

Our menu systems are adapted to meet special dietary needs - vegetarian, gluten and lactose free.

We always try to customize as much as possible to our customers' needs and also provide guidance to make sure the end result is as good as possible. One example is sustainable food, a completely new system that we developed in a very short time after the request and started delivering to customers only a few months after the request.

- Pelle - VD Outmeals

Our values

At Outmeals we live by five values: flexibility, fast service, innovation, exceeding expectations and social responsibility. We have a basic range of standard products, but if you require something else, we will of course help you with this. At the same time, we hope to surprise you with how good a combat portion or field meal from us can be.