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Emergency food & meals with extreme sustainability

Sometimes special solutions are needed for emergency preparedness, perhaps you need to store food for an extremely long time in one place without the possibility of replenishing the stock or need a light, flexible nutritional backup for really tricky situations.

In addition to our combat portions and our concept, we can also provide you with freeze-dried meals in larger packages with a shelf life of 27 years after production. The meals are packaged in metal cans and it is precisely the packaging combined with the extremely dry product that allows for such a long shelf life. The meals are fantastic and we can almost guarantee that you will be surprised by the quality, taste and variety.

Sometimes this doesn’t work either and we can offer you emergency food, 2432 kcal of emergency food packed in a compact and lightweight format for the vehicle, in the pack or at the headquarters etc. Can be eaten as is or mixed into an energy-rich porridge.

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