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Sustainable food

While our combat portions are great, there are few things that beat a hot meal prepared in a kitchen. This is why our sustainable food concept exists. The name refers to its shelf life and it is suitable for storage and preparedness. The meals are designed to be easily prepared in simple conditions, with a small number of staff for a large number of people.

For these reasons, the system is excellent for military field kitchens but can also be prepared and implemented in other types of commercial kitchens, such as military restaurants or school canteens. The meals are what we call modern home cooking, food that is appreciated and normally eaten in an average household, such as pasta bolognese or meatballs with gravy and mashed potatoes.

Each box contains everything the kitchen staff needs to prepare the meals, from spices to proteins, and the only thing that needs to be added is water. Each carton contains ingredients and, in some cases, snacks for 50 portions, which in turn are placed on EU pallets with each pallet holding 12 cartons. If you would like more boxes per pallet, we can arrange it!

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