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Combat portions

What is a combat portion? In simple terms, this can be summarized as a bag of food and what a soldier needs to survive nutritionally and energetically in the field for a certain number of hours, usually a day. All our combat portions meet NATO standards, including nutritional and energy content, weight, sensory tests, special dietary requirements, etc.

The combat portions are available in two main versions, general or Arctic. Our general combat rations are based on meals that are packaged as soft canned goods and can be heated with a chemical heater. General combat portions are suitable for vehicle-mounted or mechanized units operating in environments where the temperature is normally above or just below 0 degrees. An Arctic battle portion is generally higher in calories and the main dishes are freeze-dried. This contributes to a much lower weight and the contents are not as sensitive to temperature as in a general combat portion, but the main dishes require cooking with boiling water. Arctic combat portions are suitable, for example, for hunter units or other types of units operating in the Arctic climate.

The combat portions are standardized and you can see our range by clicking through to our
product data sheets
. Should you need to customize your combat portions for any reason or want to know more, contact Pelle and he will be happy to help.

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