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Freeze-dried foods

Our concept Freeze-dried foods with a long shelf life in large packs where each pack contains 18-25 portions depending on the type of meal. Main dishes are cooked with hot water and are ready in about 10-12 minutes. Many of our breakfast dishes can be eaten straight away with cold water, which is useful in situations where you may not have backup power on site but need to deliver meals quickly.

The concept is procured, ready to be called off through a framework agreement with Adda. Most municipalities in Sweden and a number of government agencies and public companies are eligible for the contract.

Freeze-dried food is a proven system used for emergency preparedness by many municipalities in the country. Want to know more? Send an email or call Kristoffer on 0707-359585 or


Fruit Muesli

Oat Porridge

Rice Pudding with Apple & Cinnamon

Chocolate Muesli

Main dishes

Chicken Curry with Pasta

Chicken Curry with Rice

Chicken Pasta with Vegetables

Pasta in Tomato Sauce

Creamy Rice with Vegetables

Sweet & Sour Pasta

Pasta Bolognese

What do the icons mean?


Each version of our combat rations has at least 4 vegetarian menus. One of our environmental goals is to have 50% vegetarian main meals. We can also produce vegan meals on request, but vegan meals are not included in our standard range of combat rations.


Many of our end users are gluten intolerant and therefore we offer 4 regular gluten-free versions. Many of our meals are gluten-free, if you are unsure of the gluten content of our meals, just send an email or call.


In many parts of the world, the population is more or less lactose intolerant, so it is important for us to offer different lactose versions of our battle rations. Our standard range consists of 4 menus of each version.

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We always strive to offer our customers the best possible service. Feel free to contact us!

OutMeals AB
Batterivägen 14
432 32 Varberg, Sweden

076 – 775 60 05

OutMeals AB
Batterivägen 14
432 32 Varberg, Sweden

076 – 775 60 05